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Rates And Services

Please call for Out-of-State Rates!

Estimates are provided before your move.

Out of state move prices are

not to exceed 10% over estimate 


In State Moves


Weekly Rates:         2 men @ $125/hr

                                3 men @ $170/hr

                                4 men @ $220/hr

                                5 men @ $270/hr


Weekend Rates:      2 men @ $135/hr

                                 3 men @ $190/hr

                                 4 men @ $230/hr

                                 5 men @ $280/hr


Mileage is charged at $1.90 per running mile -from and to destination in Iowa.

Supply charges are added for shrink wrap, boxes, and paper.

Large Item Fees are added for pianos, large gun safes, ect. (Will be discussed at Free Estimate Visit)

Workers do not work on Sundays unless they are on an out of state move or emergency situations.



We pack, load, store, and deliver! 

We accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.